How can we pay for Assisted Living?

There are 2 options. Private Pay or Medicaid. If you have Medicaid you must also be enrolled in the Star-Plus Waiver program. Casa De Bellamie can guide you through the steps for the waiver program.

How soon can my loved on move in if they like Casa De Bellamie?

If they are private pay, they can move in on the same day. If you are on Medicaid, the time can vary from 3 days to a month depending if you have enrolled in the Star-Plus waiver program and an authorization form has been provided to Casa De Bellamie.

What services does Casa De Bellamie provide?

Casa De Bellamie has trained care providers to prepare your meals, manage your medications, provide housekeeping, wash your laundry and assist with bathing. Staff are on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes Visitors are allowed Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. For the best experience we ask that all visits are scheduled. All visits are held in the common area in the recreational room. Residents with private rooms may have visitors in their rooms.

How often can we pick up our loved one to go around town?

Outings are highly encourage and not limited. We only ask you inform staff ahead of time so medications can be prepared to take along with the resident.

Do residents have their own private rooms?

Residents with Medicaid are restricted to shared rooms which consist of 2 residents max. Private pay resident may apply for a private room at an additional charge.

Does Casa De Bellamie provide activities?

Casa De Bellamie provides games and crafts in the recreational room. Some residents may also choose to attend adult day programs that pick them up in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon.

Do the bedrooms have a TV?

Casa De Bellamie encourages residents to leave there rooms and walk about the common areas. There are TVs in the common areas as well. If a resident chooses to stay in their own room and want to watch TV there, they may bring their own TV but must respect quiet hours when other residents are sleeping.

What safety features does Casa De Bellamie have?

Medications are securely locked in the Med Room and administrations are managed by our computer system. The home is equipped with a surveillance system. Staff receive monthly fire drill training and the home is equipped with a fire sprinkler system. There is also a back-up generator for extended power outages.

Does Casa De Bellamie provide transportation for shopping or Doctor appointments?

Casa De Bellamie does not provide any transportation. Depending on the need for transportation, Casa De Bellamie may assist in contacting a transport service for medical appointments.