Our Assisted Home

Our home is spacious and allows for Residents to have tranquility in spaces other than their rooms, while other groups play games or watch television.

We offer rooms comfortable for two persons. Many of our rooms allow for easy wheel chair access, making any room a possible choice for Residents.

We have various restrooms in different areas of our home to help minimize a Residents walking distance to each one.

Home Property Information

5,554 Square Ft
Built in 1957
Bedrooms: 8
Capacity: 1 - 16*

Built-in Features:

  • Emergency Power Generator
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Alarm System

*both systems are directly linked to the fire department and a 24-hour monitoring company

Questions to Ask for an
Assisted Living Home

Here are some suggestions to help you search for a safe, appropriate and comfortable Assisted Living Home:

  • Does the facility meet the Residents needs?
  • Offering social gatherings and family Involvement?
  • Visit during activities and meals.
  • Observe level of cleanliness
  • Ask questions about safety and security
  • Ask questions about personal care and health care
  • Look at a copy of Residents Rights and Rules
  • Take a look at the price lists
  • Check licensing reports
  • Plan and schedule a tour of the facility